Ag-grid: e.preventDefault() not working for mouseclick in cell for 10.0.0 version


In using ag-grid 8.2.0, the event.preventDefault() method worked by preventing the default behavior of clicking a Link in a cell. This is the behavior I needed for launching a react form after I received data within the onCellClicked Event Handler. We upgraded to ag-grid version 10.0.0 version and event.preventDefault() no longer prevents the default behavior of clicking on a Link embedded in a cell. I had to revert back to 8.2.0 to get back the functionality.

buscemrx picture buscemrx  ·  6 Jun 2017

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have you found any solution? @buscemrx

amit-coditas picture amit-coditas  ·  12 Jul 2017


Thank you for raising this issue for us, at this moment we are reviewing how we process Feature Requests/questions that come through from GitHub.

As I am sure you are aware, we offer two products:

ag-Grid - this is entirely free to use in line with our MIT license
ag-Grid Enterprise - our commercial version which funds the development of both versions.

We currently have a very full pipeline of work which can be viewed here:

This will be our priority for the coming months and as a result, we don’t have capacity to take feature requests/questions from GitHub, but you might find that yours has already been raised in our pipeline.

We will do a periodic review of GitHub issues for any bugs raised and these can also be tracked on our pipeline page.

Thanks for your understanding.
ag-Grid Team.

makinggoodsoftware picture makinggoodsoftware  ·  19 Dec 2017

Really this is a terrible response. A lot of the people on here are paying customers, maybe github need to be able to show us but I have to say a generic message fobbing people off who have real issues is not "making good software".

andrewphillipo picture andrewphillipo  ·  11 May 2020