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i have some groups with 1000s of daily messages and sometimes i start to read the unread messages, but all the messages are marked as read i sugest to update the unread counter instead mark the whole group as read.

i have 1000 unread messages, i read 200, unread counter now shows 800 left.

edit for people unable to find this issue:

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All messages in chat mark as read

Aokromes picture Aokromes  路  31 May 2015

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@auchri this is wrong label "enhancement", this is definetely a bug as tdesktop behaviour here is differ from "upstream" mobile platform

nuclight picture nuclight  路  29 Apr 2019

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I think we're halfway there.
In 1.3.7, I can confirm that, at least, the counter doesn't reset until I read to the very bottom.
Other things yet to confirm:

  • While coming back to continue catching up with messages, do you still lose your old reading position when there are new messages since then? It jumped right to the new messages in the past, losing the reading position, but now, without immediate counter reset, it could possibly be not an issue anymore.
  • Do you still lose your reading position on the app restart/crash? (too afraid to test).

I have a lot of messages in some channels and most of the time I was catching up with them in iOS Telegram X because it both updates the counter and remembers the position. but it would be much more comfortable to do so on the desktop, of course.

P.S. If your tdesktop version is less than 1.3.7 and it doesn't offer to update, simply download latest stable installer from here I had that issue, possibly due to being in Russia. Didn't even knew about the update until I read it in the news and European friend said that her client just updated.

enchained picture enchained  路  18 Jun 2018

@enchained I'm afraid currently this is a bug 馃槶

john-preston picture john-preston  路  18 Jun 2018

I have to read some channels on my mobile device (telegram X) because of that.

smasharov picture smasharov  路  25 Jun 2018

Vote up this bug, very annoying to have to read some chats on mobile.

nuclight picture nuclight  路  17 Feb 2019

@auchri this is wrong label "enhancement", this is definetely a bug as tdesktop behaviour here is differ from "upstream" mobile platform

nuclight picture nuclight  路  29 Apr 2019

Vote up. This is especially needed soon as some platforms/versions support will be dropped in next months.

nuclight picture nuclight  路  7 Jul 2019

Where could be priority of bugs / work plans on them could be seen?

nuclight picture nuclight  路  18 Aug 2019

Please, rename this issue for better understanding and search purposes

aNNiMON picture aNNiMON  路  21 Sep 2019

Why this issue is here from 2015? It's a bug that shouldn't be in a modern messenger app. In Telegram X on mobile everything is ok. It's inconsistent with all mobile clients.

JSBmanD picture JSBmanD  路  21 Sep 2019

pull requests fixing this bug are welcomed.

Aokromes picture Aokromes  路  22 Sep 2019

I have looked into the code... And this is not a simple bug :( This is not implemented at all.
For entering a chat (for channels a bit differ) with a new messages current algorithm is: if we are reading server history (have loaded unread messages from server - have opened chat with unread messages) - tell server that we have read all downloaded messages regardless of current scroll position.
For new messages in current opened chat similar problem, but different code. And you need take this into account:


So, for fixing this bug existing implementation must be seriously extended. For doing this right, we need to understand current one. And for me it will take too mach time :( This job is for @john-preston :)

kirsan31 picture kirsan31  路  18 Oct 2019

this definitely a popular bug since @Aokromes opened the issue on May 31, 2015 ,almost 5 years (1677 days) with no progress.
insane 馃槖馃槩

Ali-Hamed picture Ali-Hamed  路  2 Jan 2020

My apologies. I tried searching but didn't think this issue went all the way back to 2015. Crazy!
Hope we can fix this somehow!

aryanrawlani28 picture aryanrawlani28  路  17 Jan 2020

I can add to my research, that definitely this is not an enhancement this is 100% bug...

kirsan31 picture kirsan31  路  17 Jan 2020

theoricaly fixed by future 1.9.15

Aokromes picture Aokromes  路  21 Feb 2020